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about us


Walidah started her lipstick and lashes line on her birthday in 2022. Walidah always had a passion for makeup and skincare. She is a licensed Esthetician and enjoys helping to build self confidence in all women.


Walidah loves her brand and believes in it very much. Her family is a constant encouragement in this entrepreneurial journey. Most of her lipsticks are based off of people or experiences that matter to her most. I recently lost one of my sisters in 2020 during the pandemic.


Although this was a tough time in my life I wanted to remember my sister by naming a lipstick after her. Her name was Jeniquez Beene Long. Her nickname was Punkin so we thought we would name a lipstick to honor her. It’s called, “Pretty Like Punkin”.


I would like all women to know that we see you how God sees you! You’re beautiful!!!

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